Daffodil (Narcissus) Bulbs

Daffodils, technically the genus Narcissus, are one of the simplest bulbs to grow. They are also the simplest to "force", the common term for growing bulbs indoors during the winter.  Around here we prefer the term "coax" as we don't like to force anything. That said, some of the most fragrant, cheerful and unique types of blooms are found in the 13 divisions of Daffodils. Large cupped, small cupped and trumpet are just a few of the divisions. You can learn more about the classification of daffodils here www.daffodilusa.org.

We chose our offerings based on beauty, fragrance and suitability as a cut flower. These are so beautiful you are going to want to cut them for the house. Or you can easily coax them into bloom indoors with our included instructions. 

Nothing brings more joy to the dark days of January and February than watching these beauties grow, bud, and bloom brightening the days with color, fragrance and charm. If you have a cool room and a sunny window you can coax daffodils to bloom for you in your home.

If you'd like them rooted and precooled, then shipped to you when ready, please send us an email with "precooled" in the subject line, there will be an additional fee.