Amaryllis Bulbs

I never had a taste for amaryllis until last year. They looked so pitiful and garish, half dead in the big box stores and garden centers. ZERO appeal.  Boy has that changed!

I'm hooked.

Big, plump, ready to bloom bulbs available in tasteful colors make for an indoor flower show all winter. So simple to grow on your windowsill or in a bright room. All they need is sunlight and a wee bit of water. 

Don’t be fooled by bargain amaryllis prices. Most bulbs sold are 26/28 cm and look rather dinky in our opinion. Our 34 to 38 cm bulbs provide the abundance and frequent blooms to get you through the dreary days of winter. The bigger the bulb the bigger the display. 

These Amazonian beauties will produce at least 2-4 tall, strong flower stems with 4 to 8 blooms on each, every bloom cycle. Perfect for cutting, ours lasted two weeks in the vase. Easily grown on from year to year, and can be planted outdoors in Zones 9 and up. You will not find bulbs of this size and beauty in big box stores or cheap online mass purveyors. 

There are two types of amaryllis. If you want yours for the holidays then choose the Southern Hemisphere. The Dutch varieties may bloom before the holidays but likely late December. 

SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE: amaryllis will bloom 8-10 weeks from starting, reblooming at least once. 

DUTCH amaryllis  usually bloom after the holidays through March.  

Simple to grow, our amaryllis come with a care guide and instructions to insure your success. Plus we are always available to lend advice.